Coming Home Quilt

85″ x 85″ – Queen Size

Pattern: Star Cakes by Legacy Patterns

I made this quilt out of civil war reproduction fabrics. I call this the “Coming Home” quilt.

Coming Home Quilt

I made this “Coming Home” quilt out of civil war reproduction fabrics.

Coming Home Quilt Side View

The colors will compliment any decor in your home, you can’t go wrong with this stunning quilt.

Beautiful colors of blues, greys, tans, creams, barn reds, just an array of wonderful colors.

I can just see the soldier walking down the dirt path coming home to his wife who has been working on this quilt while he was gone to war.

Can be washed on warm and tumbled dry. Please use a color catcher when you wash to catch any running of colors.



The sale price for this quilt is $290.00.

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Coming Home Quilt Back

This picture highlights the back of the quilt. It’s really so beautiful on both sides!