Quilts For Sale

The quilts for sale that I make are all from high quality material.

I make each quilt as if it would be displayed in my home. I put a lot of love and tender care into each quilt I make.

My quilts for sale are machine made and machine quilted, however, the binding on the majority of my quilts is done by hand.

I will give an explanation of each quilt for sale, including size, type of material, etc.

All of my quilts for sale are made of 100% cotton, I use Hobbs 80/20 batting and all my quilts are machine washable. I would suggest strongly; however, that you do wash them on warm or cool, and that you use a color catcher in the wash in case colors run. They can also be put in the dryer on low/medium heat.

I also offer FREE SHIPPING on all of my quilts!!

*Quilts with extra batting may have an additional fee.  Tax will only be applied to batting, not the entire cost of the quilt.