Other quilts almost finished

Well, it’s been awhile since I have blogged.  That’s because I have been busy.  First, I have started some Christmas items.  One is this one our of  beautiful red and gold fabric . July 14, 2013 094


Love the swirl of the design

Love the swirl of the design

Christmas tree is in the center of the quilt.

The above is now finished and all I need to do is add the binding and I am done.  The back is done in a gold and white and is really pretty.  This will also be added to my website for sale once fully completed.  This one won’t last long either.  Let’s see if I can download a pic of the back:

July 14, 2013 096


I also finished a quilt (the one I posted when I was making it and said if you want it, you better speak up because it would not last lone??), well someone did speak up right away and purchased it.   It is the cutest quilt and I will add pics below.  I was going to custom quilt this one, however, with all the applique on it, I wanted the applique to show, and not over power it with quilting, plus, custom can make a quilt rather heavy so, I just did an all over stipple on this one and I think it really turned out nice.  Aren’t those the cutest faces you have ever seen.  When I was putting this one together, I had to give the giraffe eyelashes and I am so glad they show up in this picture.  The main applique is all machine done, however, the sections done for standout are all done by hand, i.e., the giraffe’s face, eyes, elephant’s trunk, lion’s leg, back, tail, etc.





Keep on quilting,