Newest member to our family

As a lot of you know, we lost one of our beloved Boston Terriers, Thelma, about 5 months ago to cancer.  This little girl, Millie, is a rescue Boston we are thinking of adopting.  We are starting our 2-week trial today.  She is around 8 – not sure of her true age and she is cute as can be.  I just noticed Millie is making herself at home in Louise’s crate.   I think we will have to train her to make sure she uses her own crate.   It will take time for her to get used to things here.  The 2nd picture is my husband, Ron, holding her.



Millie 3

Millie 2


It has been awhile since I have downloaded any quilt pics.  Here are some pictures of a quilt I just edge to edge quilted for a customer of mine.

Horse picture 4

Horse picture 2 Horse picture 3


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