Newest addition to family and some new quilt pics

We have a new addition to our family, Milly.  She is a Boston Terrier rescue dog and she is so cute.  What do you think?

11-3-2013 024

I was in my sunroom longarming yesterday when I heard this noise. Stopped, listened, didn’t hear anything so I continued longarming and heard it again. This time I stopped and went into the kitchen area. Ms Milly had gotten ahold of my purse, drug it into the dining room, had taken out my wallet and some debit receipts and was able to get ahold of a small packet of M&M’s I had stashed in my purse. She was just about to get the package open when I caught her. What do you know, another Diva that likes chocolate. No, not good for the 4-legged Diva.

I have been quilting and working like crazy. Here are a few of the quilts I have recently finished. The first quilt is with my new “3D threader” where I can use 3 colors at once.

11-3-2013 001 11-3-2013 002 11-3-2013 003


Why would I want to use 3 colors at once? Why not just use a varigated thread? The answer is that with a varigated thread, the thread goes from light to dark on the quilt. With the 3D threader, the color is consistant throughout the quilt and gives you an huge number of color ideas you can work with. On this quilt, I used a Superior Thread gold varigated, a cream and a coral. Pictures don’t do it justice; it was just stunning. For more information, go to I love mine. I do charge extra for the 3D quilting. An extra $5.00 for crib up to twin, $7.50 for double to queen and $10.00 for king.

I also longarmed a quilt recently that was a double wedding ring pattern  (this one is not done with the 3D threader).  A woman brought this to me and it was the first quilt she ever made and when she was finised, she put it in her closet for 20 years.  She got it out recently and wanted it quilted to give to her sister, however, did not want to pay for custom quilting.  What to do, what to do so, I picked one of my favorits pantos – Chantilly Lace, and it worked.  See . . .

11-3-2013 004 11-3-2013 006 11-3-2013 007


I have never seen, until now, a double wedding ring quilt quilted edge to edge before, however, it turned out really nice and, my customer absolutely loved it and that’s what counts!!!! Customer also wanted me to do the binding. Out of all the quilts I have made, I have never made one with a scalloped edge before. Did some research on the how to’s and it turned out great. Just goes to show you, face your fears and you can accomplish just about anything.

Next on the list is a autumn wall hanging I put together while at the retreat. It was something small, something I could get done and feel like I had accomplished something .

11-3-2013 036 11-3-2013 037


I used my 3D threader on this one too. I love the way it “pops” the quilting.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone had a spooky halloween.

Happy quilting to all –


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