Mitered Binding

When I first started quilting years ago, all my bindings were sewed end to end.  It worked that way for awhile, however, there was always those “fat” parts that you tried to hand sew that seemed so out of place.  Then, I began to miter my borders and did  extremely well until the very last one to finish the quilt and I ended up sewing that last part end to end.  I looked on line, talked with quilt friends and, then I saw something online that made absolute sense.  On the very last miter of your binding,  take your end piece and make it however longer in inches in length as the binding is wide past the begining of your binding.  So, if your binding is 2-1/2 inches, you measure 2-1/2 inches past the beginning binding with what you have left, cut that  off after measuring, miter those two together and, it works like a charm.  I wonder how many of you do this for your bindings?  I just did it on a quilt I finished and it worked fantastic.  Perfect fit.

Happy stitching,