Longarm Quilting Services

Longarm quilting is the process by which a longarm sewing machine is used to sew together a quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt. Longarm quilting also provides strength and durability to your quilt.

Also, what may take weeks by hand and days on a conventional sewing machine can be done in hours with a longarm quilt machine, and the pricing is economical as well!

Below is a list of my standard (pantograph) longarm quilting services along with pricing, effective August 1, 2014. 

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Minimum: $45.00

All Edge to Edge (pantographs) — $0.015/per sq. inch

All custom quilting — $.025/sq. inch

There is an additional fee for denser designs that take longer to quilt and use more thread.
If you are interested in these designs the charges will be as follows:

Additional charge per size:

  • Crib – $5.00
  • Lap/Twin – $10.00
  • Full – $15.00
  • Queen – $20.00
  • King – $25.00
  • Large King – $30.00

Additional charges:

  • Seam repair – minimum of $5.00
  • Seam backing – minimum of $5.00
  • Piece batting – minimum of $5.00
  • Trim batting/backing
    after quilting complete – minimum of $5.00

Binding is $.20/per inch in addition to quilt price

Custom, freehand quilting is also available on request. Please contact me at (417) 833-3681 or request a quote on my Contact  page.

All prices shown are as ready for shipment from Springfield, Missouri, USA and shipping is not included.

Thank you – Timeless Treasured Quilts, LLC