Good Sunday to all

We are going to go see our great granddaughter for the first time, today.  Can’t wait.  She is almost 2 weeks old now and what a dream having a brand new baby in the family.

My blog had not been circulating in Facebook for some reason.  My web admin has been working feverishly to get this fixed so, hopefully it will now work.

I have finished the quilt tops of many of my quilts which I hope to begin longarm ingin the next few weeks.  It will be nice to get some of mine done while I have a lull in the longarm quilting business.

It is also nice to see blue skys and a hint of warnmess in the air.  I think everyone agrees, wherever you live that this was not a normal winter.  In Springfield, MO where I am now live I can’t think of a colder winter than what we have had this year.  We have 2 Boston Terriers and, just to go down our deck stairs, do their job and come back, they could hardly walk because their poor feet were freezing.  We are now having days in the 30’s and it seems like a heat wave from the teens and the minus temps  we’ve had.

Well, everyone, have a great and blessed Sunday.  Remember, love what you have now because in 10 years you will wish you had it back.




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