Special beginning July 1, 2015

Good morning and hope your summer is going well.  Here, it is hot, hot, hot and humid.

Beginning July 1, 2015, I am starting a punch card program for my quilting customers.  This special is for edge to edge only (no custom).  Beginning July 1, 2015, if you bring me a quilt, I will give you a punch card and every time you bring me a quilt, I will punch that card.  The first 3 quilts will be regular charge, the 4th quilt you will receive free batting and, the 5th quilt will be 50% off.  Not a bad deal at all.   At this point, there is no time limit so, if you are interested, you can contact me by email at jlffreeman@yahoo.com.  Also, contact information is available on this website.   I hope to hear from you soon, and, happy quilting.

Remember, if you are happy with what I have done with your quilt, tell a friend, if not, tell me.

Thanks, Jane

New quilt pics

Good morning to all:

What a beautiful morning in Springfield, MO.  It must be about 59 degrees outside and only supposed to get to 79 today.  I think fall is definitely on it’s way.  I was able to finish the quilt that I pieced and longarmed for a dear friend.   This quilt means a lot to me because we just found out that she has a medical condition that is not good.  Here are the pics:

10626615_10203847571663262_4660946437734616456_n[1] 10442530_10203847572023271_1301128089354909393_n[1] 10689639_10203847571783265_2151028087432374117_n[1]

Don’t forget the September sale on edge to edge quilting.  Bring me your quilts the month of September and longarm quilting will be 15% off. All you have to do is mention you saw it on my blog and the discount is yours.

Have a wonderful Sunday and happy quilting.



Another rainy day

Another rainy day in Springfield, MO.  The storms actually woke me up this morning.  Yesterday, we had quite the storms as well, knocking down electrical posts and wires down one of the major roads here.

The rain let me get caught up on a couple of things.  I am working on piecing a quilt for a customer of mine.  She is a young 80 and wants to get quilts done so, has handed them out to a few who are piecing them for her, then quilting.  I made her quilt which consists of stars and many, many flying geese.  I just finished putting on all borders.  Tomorrow I will get backing for it, load it and begin the longarm magic.  It never ceases to amaze me the way a quilt turns into a beautiful heirloom when it started out as a yard of fabric.   I will post pics once I have loaded and, once finished.  Here is one pic of it on my design board,minus the borders.



Need to go back to work.  Happy quilting everone.

Jane Freeman


Beautiful day

To be in Springfield, MO in the months of August/September means hot, hot, humid days and little rain.  We have been blessed this summer.  We have had days in the 90’s but, we have also been blessed by rain.  Yesterday and day before the heavens opened in certain areas and we got lots of rain.  Today supposed to have rain and again tomorrow.  So, what’s that mean, QUILTING!!!!.   I have just finished a quilt that I will take pics of soon and download to my blog.

I wonder how my quilter friends keep their home cleaning up to date!  I was looking at a dresser the other day at my house and I swear if I put the dust bunnies into a bag I could make a small pillow or pin cushion.  When I am quilting, everything else stops.  Does that mean I get to hire a housekeeper?   I think not, but it does mean I need to find time to step away from the quilting and get to the cleaning.  Since it’s just me and hubby and he makes as much mess with his work papers as I do sewing, I’m not too concerned.  One of these days I will find that fine line that will let me do both.  Until then, to heck with the dusting and onward quilting.  LOL

Have a great day to all.



Holidays fast approaching

It’s been awhile since I’ve been online so, here it goes.  Holidays are fast approaching and I would love to finish your quilt for you so you can give it as a gift.  It takes time to do the longarm quilting and since Christmas is not that far away, I need to have quilts you want finished no later than October 15 to guarantee they will be ready for Christmas.  My prices are indicated on my website for your convenience.    For added incentive, for the month of SEPTEMBER ONLY, I will take 15% off of each quilt that I longarm quilt for you.  That means, if you bring me a quilt in September, but I am not able to get to it until October, you will still receive a 15% discount.  Yes, that’s right, any quilt that reaches my quilt studio during the month of September, 2014 will receive this discount.  Just mention that you saw this discount on my blog and the 15% off is yours.

I have been busy.  Below are a few quilts I have finished for customers in the recent months



11-3-2013 004 11-3-2013 001


Horse picture 3 10629795_10203791688306213_3771276671231881153_n[1]

I truly love my job.  I have met some very interesting people, have quilted some beautiful quilts and it is a learning curve for me everyday.  I recently purchased an IQ for my A1 longarm and I have been having such a good time learning what it has to offer me.

Let’s be kind to one another and remember, “don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff”

Have a great day and happy quilting.


Good Sunday to all

We are going to go see our great granddaughter for the first time, today.  Can’t wait.  She is almost 2 weeks old now and what a dream having a brand new baby in the family.

My blog had not been circulating in Facebook for some reason.  My web admin has been working feverishly to get this fixed so, hopefully it will now work.

I have finished the quilt tops of many of my quilts which I hope to begin longarm ingin the next few weeks.  It will be nice to get some of mine done while I have a lull in the longarm quilting business.

It is also nice to see blue skys and a hint of warnmess in the air.  I think everyone agrees, wherever you live that this was not a normal winter.  In Springfield, MO where I am now live I can’t think of a colder winter than what we have had this year.  We have 2 Boston Terriers and, just to go down our deck stairs, do their job and come back, they could hardly walk because their poor feet were freezing.  We are now having days in the 30’s and it seems like a heat wave from the teens and the minus temps  we’ve had.

Well, everyone, have a great and blessed Sunday.  Remember, love what you have now because in 10 years you will wish you had it back.




New pictures of custom quilt I am working on

Good morning everyone.  It has been a long time since I last blogged.  Yesterday marked my first speaking engagement regarding quilts at our Christian Women’s luncheon in Springfield, Missouri.  I had some helpers and after I gave my little speech on some of the history of quilting, we had about 8-9 quilts that we displayed to the audience.  I wish I had a picture of one of the quilts from our group.  It was a redwork quilt of Snowmen with beautiful red/white blocks.  Ms. Claire Johnson won best in show for hand quilting at the quilt show in Springfield, MO in 2012, and, for the same quilt one best for single quilter (meaning that the entire quilt, including quilting was done by Ms. Johnson).  It was a sight to behold as were the others.

I obtained the dresden plate quilt blocks I am about to show from a former neighbor.  If my recollection is correct, her grandmother made these blocks 40+ years ago and she had just held on to them.  Knowing I was a quilter, they brought the squares to me to see if I could make them a quilt.  I made the quilt with a small sashing to try to keep in scale and keep colors, etc., in tune with the blocks as well as 2 borders.  Large outside border I am doing a piano key border on and will show that in future pics.  I have just started to custom quilt and below are some beginning pictures.  Brad and Janet, here you go.