Beautiful day

To be in Springfield, MO in the months of August/September means hot, hot, humid days and little rain.  We have been blessed this summer.  We have had days in the 90’s but, we have also been blessed by rain.  Yesterday and day before the heavens opened in certain areas and we got lots of rain.  Today supposed to have rain and again tomorrow.  So, what’s that mean, QUILTING!!!!.   I have just finished a quilt that I will take pics of soon and download to my blog.

I wonder how my quilter friends keep their home cleaning up to date!  I was looking at a dresser the other day at my house and I swear if I put the dust bunnies into a bag I could make a small pillow or pin cushion.  When I am quilting, everything else stops.  Does that mean I get to hire a housekeeper?   I think not, but it does mean I need to find time to step away from the quilting and get to the cleaning.  Since it’s just me and hubby and he makes as much mess with his work papers as I do sewing, I’m not too concerned.  One of these days I will find that fine line that will let me do both.  Until then, to heck with the dusting and onward quilting.  LOL

Have a great day to all.



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