Another rainy day

Another rainy day in Springfield, MO.  The storms actually woke me up this morning.  Yesterday, we had quite the storms as well, knocking down electrical posts and wires down one of the major roads here.

The rain let me get caught up on a couple of things.  I am working on piecing a quilt for a customer of mine.  She is a young 80 and wants to get quilts done so, has handed them out to a few who are piecing them for her, then quilting.  I made her quilt which consists of stars and many, many flying geese.  I just finished putting on all borders.  Tomorrow I will get backing for it, load it and begin the longarm magic.  It never ceases to amaze me the way a quilt turns into a beautiful heirloom when it started out as a yard of fabric.   I will post pics once I have loaded and, once finished.  Here is one pic of it on my design board,minus the borders.



Need to go back to work.  Happy quilting everone.

Jane Freeman


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